What’s New in CaseComplete?

There's something for everyone in the latest update.

CaseComplete 2016

Updates for Power Users

Need to renumber ID's on thousands of items? You'll see a forecast how many ID's will change and the tool is smarter about avoiding ID gaps and collisions. What's more, you can import new items directly into a sub package while using its specific numbering scheme.

Enhancements for Everyone

An updated Issues interface now let's you navigate directly to the issue's source.

A number of behind the scenes changes will increase your quality of life, as well. To prevent any lost work, your projects get saved automatically, every few minutes. And we've made sharing and joining projects even more bulletproof.

Reporting Updates

The new $level and $indent keywords give you more control with your nested elements. You can now report on $referencedDiagrams from any item in your project.

The project file format between version 2015 and 2016 hasn't changed. You can safely run both versions side-by-side.

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