Project Templates

New in version 14, save time and energy when you create new projects by basing them on your own custom templates. Projects generated from a template start with a base set of items and settings including:

  • An initial set of folders (a.k.a. packages) and items (actors, use cases, etc.)
  • Custom fields
  • Custom choice lists, such as names to select from for the Assigned To field
  • Item filters and flags
  • Layout options, such as visible columns and open tabs

Templates come in handy when you want to:

  • Define a standard package structure for your projects
  • Include a common set of actors, definitions, and custom fields in new projects
  • Write requirements that apply to multiple applications; for example, security requirements for your organization’s cloud-based apps

To create a template, open a project that you’d like to convert into a template, then choose
File / Save As / Template:


The template looks and behaves like a regular project, however all of the associated project files are bundled up into a single template file. This makes sharing templates easy; for example, you can store all of your organization’s templates in one shared folder.

To create a new project based on a template simply select the desired template file on the
File / New page.

More Enhancements

Templates are just one of the new features you’ll get with version 14. In addition we’ve added enhancements to:

  • TFS upload, including the ability to upload use cases
  • Shared projects, including performance improvements
  • Diagramming, including the ability to lock a shape’s position
  • Word reporting, including the ability to split large diagrams across multiple pages

You can view all of the changes in the release notes.

One final thing to note about this release (that won’t affect many of you) is that CaseComplete no longer integrates with older version control systems that rely on MSSCCI, such as SourceSafe.

We look forward to your feedback. Are there other items or settings you’d like saved in a template? Do you have an idea for a project template that would save you time when embarking on a new project? Let us know!

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