Get CaseComplete Training

©iStockPhoto/kabliczechWe try to make CaseComplete so intuitive and easy to use that it requires no training. The benefits should be immediate and obvious. Tedious work should be eliminated. It should make you look awesome at what you do.

That said, many of our customers buy CaseComplete as part of an effort to improve their overall requirements effectiveness. They’re looking to get consistent results across their team or department. They want a repeatable process for gathering, organizing, and communicating requirements effectively. A tool helps, but it’s only as good as the people and process around it.

Ironically, the idea for CaseComplete arose from the use case training we were doing a few years ago. After teaching the classes, students would ask us to recommend the best tool for managing requirements with use cases. We didn’t have a good answer. So we built one.

Now we’ve assembled training that is as pragmatic as CaseComplete itself: a reasonably priced investment with a clear and immediate return. If you want to get onboard with CaseComplete as quickly as possible or just make sure you’re getting the most our of the tool, think about signing-up for one of our classes.

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