Flag Your Favorites

Chances are, you and your team have created an impressive number of requirements and use cases. Keeping track of just the items you're interested in can be challenging in a large list. Now you can flag items to make them easier to find.


Use flags to keep track of which items you’re actively working on, remind you which items need follow up, or just remember your favorites.

Clicking the column header will sort all flagged items to the top of the list. In this way, you can report on just the items you’ve flagged.


Flags are yours and yours alone, so only you will see them even if you’re working on a shared project.

This feature is included in the latest update, as well as these enhancements:

  • Add custom fields to Issues
  • Create new items directly from the Item Details form
  • Filter items based on content lists, for example use cases that have unresolved issues
  • Show IDs in the project browser
  • Ignore spelling errors if the word is all UPPER CASE - no more red squiggles on your TLAs! (three letter acronyms)

You can install CaseComplete Professional, version 13, without disturbing your existing version. So go ahead, download today and check it out!

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