Fine Tune Your Reports

We added two new keywords to CaseComplete 2011 that help you filter headings and other content from your report output: $ShowOnce and $When.

Show Once

“How do I create a report section that lists requirements with a heading that only displays if there are any requirements to show?” Our tech support team heard that request a lot, and the only solution was to use a table. With our newest version, it’s now easy to do.

The report syntax now includes a new keyword that you can use inside a repeat loop. Anything inside the $ShowOnce and $endShowOnce keywords will display the first time – and only the first time - through the repeat loop.

Learn more and see an example.

Advanced Conditional Logic

We’ve added a new keyword to Word and Excel reports that lets you include and exclude sections of a report based on what your project contains. This builds on the conditional $if keyword that lets you include or exclude sections based on attributes of specific elements.

Use the $when keyword when you want to include a report section only when the project includes specific elements. For example:

$whenUseCases where ImplStatus = ‘Started’


See an example report template.

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