Filtering in CaseComplete 2013

We just released CaseComplete 2013 which lets you filter items in your project. Here’s a video overview of the new feature:

Filter your requirements

requirements filterJust as you can open new tabs in your web browser, you can now open new tabs in CaseComplete. Each tab shows a filtered view of your items, letting you focus in on a specific subset. For example, you could choose to show just requirements marked priority 1, for release 1.0, that are assigned to you.

use case filterYou can set up filters based on any field, including your own custom fields. Want to see all issues that contain the text “ASAP”? No problem. Have a custom field called Due Date? Set up a filter to view items due today, next week, or next month. (Or even next year, but hey, no one sets due dates that far in advance since we’re all using agile use cases, right?)

Save and share your filters

You can save your filters so they’re available the next time you start CaseComplete. For example, you might do this so Business Rules are shown in their own tab, separate from your other requirements.

Some filters may be useful for the entire team, while others apply only to you. When you save a filter, you can choose whether only you can see it, or everyone on the team.

Report on filtered items

ReportButtonReporting on the filtered items is just a click away. Click the Report button above each filtered view to generate a report that contains only the items shown in the list.

See more kinds of items

As a bonus, you can now view your diagrams, related documents and notes in a list. This makes it easier to find and keep track of these items, which are often attached to other items deeply nested in your package hierarchy.

You can install CaseComplete 2013 without disturbing your existing version. So go ahead, download today and give it a try.

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