Customer Profile: Phonak AG

We recently caught up with Pete Jones of Phonak AG in Switzerland to find out more about how he and his team manage complex project requirements with CaseComplete.

phonak_logo_life-is-on Serlio: Thanks for taking time out, Pete. What exactly is your role at Phonak?

Pete: I am a Requirements Engineer working as a member of the Systems Engineering team.

Serlio: What issues and problems were you trying to address with a requirements management solution?

Pete: Requirements Engineering is becoming established as a formal discipline within the business. Requirements documents were produced in Word and were sometimes quite cumbersome to read and maintain.

Serlio: Why did you choose CaseComplete? How did it address those issues?

Pete: CaseComplete was selected on the basis of its value proposition. We conducted a very aggressive evaluation of many products. CaseComplete stood up very well against the opposition especially from a price / performance perspective.

We are now able to gather requirements in a more structured way whilst retaining the Word format that our stakeholders know and love. This structured requirements capture enables us to generate more manageable texts from our requirements pool. These documents are architected to focus on the specific interest areas of a given stakeholder group. The result is that the requirements review process is easier for all parties and both the volume and quality of responses has increased. There is an expectation to see much stronger "requirements communication" within the business and we expect this to further improve over time.

Serlio: How long did it take to get up to speed with CaseComplete?

Pete: We were able to produce results (requirements gathering and custom reports) using the tool within hours. Of course, more sophisticated use of the tool takes a little longer and we still have work to do to fully embed the tools use into the department.

Serlio: Thanks for your time, Pete!

Pete: No problem.

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