CaseComplete 2012 Now Available

The newest release of CaseComplete is now available. This time around, we tackled a few of the larger features that customers have been asking about: sharing dictionary entries, multiple test scenarios, and sharing built-in field values across projects. Here’s a quick video overview:

Here are the highlights of what’s new:

Shared Dictionaries

We now treat dictionary entries just like any other element, so you can move them from package to package. This means you can create packages that will act as shared dictionaries. You can reuse these dictionaries in other projects, while keeping them separate from any project-specific terms.

Multiple Test Scenarios

We've always let you specify test procedures and expected results for your use cases and requirements. Now you can specify an entire suite of tests that validate different use case scenarios.

Built-in Field Values

We now save field-value customizations along with the project, so once you change them, your teammates will see your changes. If you want to save your field settings as the default for new projects, we have a checkbox to let you do that as well.

Headless Deployment

We now support fully scripted deployments with all of the options needed to handle a silent installation and activation.

As always, you can try it free for 30-days.

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