CaseComplete 2011 Updates

We finished some useful features and couldn’t wait to get them out, so we released an updated version of 2011 (version 6.0.4126 to be exact). There were no file format changes since the initial 2011 release, so it’s safe to take this update if other members of your team are still running the original 2011 or 2010 R2 releases. Here are the highlights:

Actor Shapes

ActorShapesWhen dropping actors from the Project Browser onto a diagram, you’ll see a menu of shapes to choose. You can tweak the way this works in File / Options / Diagrams.

Reporting Enhancements

We’ve added a number of features to reports:

  • Generate Word and Excel reports from the command line.
  • Declare variables in reports and pass values to those variables with report parameters.
  • New keywords $ShowOnce and $When have been added to the reporting engine.

Under the Hood

When you create a new package, it will be saved in its own file by default. This will relieve you of having to take the extra step to do this yourself.

When you generate an activity diagram from a use case we’ll automatically name the file for you, so you don’t have to.

You can get this latest version using Tools / Check For Updates or by downloading it.

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