Announcing CaseComplete 2009 R2

We released CaseComplete 2009 R2 today, which has some pretty exciting features for teams. Here’s the official press release.

Teams Collaborate on Requirements with CaseComplete 2009 R2

Serlio Software Development Corporation has announced CaseComplete 2009 R2, the newest version of its requirements management software. The software allows businesses to gather, organize, and communicate requirements. CaseComplete focuses on use cases, a technique for specifying requirements in a way that makes them easier to gather and understand.

New Features Focus on Teams

Features in the new version are targeted at helping teams share their work and collaborate more effectively. Teams can share project requirements as they are being developed and seamlessly coordinate changes. They can use CaseComplete’s own sharing technology or integrate with existing version control systems, such as Subversion or Microsoft® Visual Source Safe. Users can continue to work disconnected from the network when needed.

Doug Earl, Vice President of Development said, “CaseComplete is already known for its usability and elegant simplicity, but customers asked for more team-based features.” Doug continued, “So we added functionality that allows teams to collaborate and share their CaseComplete projects across the enterprise, without compromising the user experience that our customers love.”

Serlio President Matt Terski added, “This market has lost its appetite for requirements tools from the big players that are expensive, challenging to adopt, and don’t offer a rapid return on investment. Our customers are productive with CaseComplete from day-one. The tool pays for itself within two weeks.”

Free 30-Day Trial

A FREE 30-day trial of CaseComplete 2009 R2 is now available at Customers with an active Premium Support agreement receive CaseComplete 2009 R2 at no-cost. Upgrade pricing is available for customers with prior versions of CaseComplete.

About Serlio Software Development Corporation

Since 2002, Serlio Software Development Corporation has helped customers reduce development costs by creating better requirements in less time. Serlio's flagship product, CaseComplete, is a requirements management tool that does just that. Spawned from the idea that there must be a better way to write use cases than using a word processor and spreadsheet, CaseComplete makes Use Case modeling manageable and effective, even for those who have never heard of a Use Case. Visit for product information, case studies and sample use case models.

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