A Call for Early Adopters: Requirements.cc

cloud based requirementsWhat if you could get feedback on your requirements sooner? What if your stakeholders could comment on your requirements in real-time? What if they could review your latest changes from their computer, smartphone, or iPad?

For awhile, we’ve been bouncing around ideas for a product that does these things. It’s an interesting problem since the typical review cycle for a large batch of requirements goes something like this:

  1. Send requirements out for review.
  2. Convince your stakeholders to read them and request their feedback.
  3. Incorporate changes from each stakeholder.
  4. Repeat until everybody is satisfied.

It’s a process that is as expensive as it is time consuming. Our hypothesis is that the many of the social tools (pardon the buzzword, but it fits) we have at our disposal today could make this process cheaper, faster, and less painful.

We now have something to show you. It’s far from being done (we’re just getting started) but if you’d like to sign up for the preview release, we’d love to hear what you think.


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6/13/2011 1:24:02 PM #

Jerry Ruggiero

Would need to be password protected perhaps.

Jerry Ruggiero

6/16/2011 3:23:40 AM #

David Beal

I would like to see unique ID for requirements, Issues, Use cases etc. that survives the renumbering function of CC so that items can always be referenced during a developing project. These unique IDs would be displayed in the web published content.

David Beal

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